9 Mar 2017

Radio Data Networks are proud to announce that they have been awarded the contract to provide its industry proven FDT sensing technology to generate 5-minute EDM data feeds on the Islands and its BDT levels sensors to report blinded trash screens

Heralded as the first of its kind on the Islands, this leading-edge system has been commissioned to help protect the Islands bathing waters through the use of real-time data over a secure licensed radio channel to report EDM, dry weather spills triggered by blockages and simultaneously the blinding of the Islands newly installed “trash screens”.

Managing Director, Brian M Back stated “we believe that Radio Data Networks were awarded the contract as the BDT/FDT system doesn’t just offer the traditional autopsy reporting but also gives the Islanders the unique ability to mitigate events, something crucial for an island with an economy almost entirely based upon tourism”. Further he added” the Islands do come with some unique challenges which arise from their geographic location as an archipelago off the Cornish coast, famous for pirates, shipwrecks and in particular fierce Atlantic storms the latter of which have already caused delays in the project”.

However the largest issues the Islands face is the capacity of the aging sewer networks which normally have to handle the waste from just over 2,100 inhabitants but have to cope with an estimated 120,000 tourists per year! No wonder according to the Island’s Council their largest headache is blockages.

The BDT and FDTs are as near perfect as you can get and come with a proven track record from similarly Atlantic storm bashed Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey. Remoteness also requires ease of service and maintainability something that the BDT and FDT have won awards for. Finally, interface – the system’s unique ability to interface directly with the existing telemetry permits reporting via existing channels without the expense of a new SCADA system.

Since the introduction of the BDT in 2010 and FDT in 2012 Radio Data Networks has established itself as the UK’s leader in the supply of real-time Sewer and CSO monitoring systems for active pollution control and mitigation. Mr Back commented “This current AMP cycle year has seen the largest uptake of the BDTs and FDT for real-time control, rather than traditional autopsy style “after the event” basic EDM reporting. Real-time data can be used to detect things such as blockages which can be the root cause of CSO operation in dry weather. Further when CSOs activate it is crucial that the screens are not blinded and if they are becoming blinded that they are cleaned immediately. What we do find encouraging is the growing use of BDTs and FDTs at the centre of a number of DG5 pollution mitigation schemes where the real-time data is used to inhibit and/or to de-synchronise the previously random operation of pumps”.

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