The R8 Digital Operator addresses: 

* Building energy use / CO2 emissions - regularly generating building energy savings of 15 - 20% and the highest so far being over 33% * Internal building occupier comfort - generating demonstrable increases in occupier comfort,  HVAC condition and lifecycle* Improving the condition of the HVAC equipment and lifespan 
This service, backed-up by our friendly HQ team and local representatives, uses R8tech’s cloud-based software solution, the R8 Digital Operator.  It takes building engineering management to the next level by adding AI on top of existing building automation systems. This enables our clients to enjoy having autonomous control over their HVAC (Heating-Ventilating-Air Conditioning) systems, which is continually optimised 24/7. The results are energy cost (and potentially labour) savings, CO2 emission reductions, with improved indoor occupant comfort. &...

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