Quarry Site Revenue Protection and Perimeter Security

1 Jun 2018

Read about how the Scan-360 provides heavy plant monitoring at a busy quarry for revenue protection purposes, as well as providing out-of-hours perimeter security.View the case study here:

The customer wanted to ensure that all vehicles used the weighbridge upon entry and exit to ensure drivers were billed correctly. Due to the numerous exit points, some drivers had previously avoided paying for their loads.

The Scan-360 radar was paired with a camera and mounted high up on a 7-metre pole to allow un-obscured views of all areas, even behind large piles of excavated minerals. A single radar and camera is sufficient to cover the entire work site as well as all entry/exit points around the perimeter to record all vehicle movements.

During evenings and weekends, the radar has a secondary purpose to continually scan the quarry to detect intruders. Scan-360 will forewarn prior to any potential theft or vandalism of expensive plant and other fixed equipment

The customer was delighted with the Scan-360 performance throughout the quarry, even when mounted high on a pole. Vehicle movements are recorded and drivers are no longer able to bypass the weighbridge without being identified by the site manager. The video recordings include number plate footage to enforce revenue protection.

With build-in IP connectivity the Scan-360 settings can be updated remotely to suit dynamic working environments where the shape and size of the site may change over time.

Scan-360 optimises its signal processing algorithms to suit the installation environment. The installer simply enters the mounting height in metres, and then defines the operating area by ‘drawing’ a perimeter over a satellite map image of the area.

Why Radar?

Radar offers improved detection over PIR sensors because, unlike PIR sensors, which measure heat emitted from an object, radar is an active system that measures the entire environment.

Imagine radar like a bright search light that illuminates a large area and detects all objects. PIR sensors can only look in the darkness for any infra-red energy an object may emit. The Scan-360 radar detects and measures the target bearing, range, speed and amplitude.

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Sandridge Park
Porters Wood
St Albans, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom

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