Qognify Wins Security Technology Executive Magazine's Security Innovation Award for Mobile Incident Management Deployment at LAX

4 Nov 2015

Gold Medal Award by Security Technology Executive magazine honors the most innovative, collaborative security deployments

Qognify, formerly NICE Security, today announced it has been awarded a Gold Medal 2015 Security Innovation Award by Security Technology Executive Magazine (STE) for its collaboration with Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and system integrator AECOM on development of a solution that extends incident management capabilities out of the control room and into the field.

LAX management sought to expand the benefits of Situator, a situation management solution that had already integrated the airport’s multitude of systems, automating procedures and increasing collaboration. Together with AECOM, Qognify developed the Situator Enterprise Geographical Information System (EGIS) Web application. The EGIS Web app brings field personnel into the incident management process by enabling them to collaborate on response plans, report discrepancies via their mobile devices, and comply with Federal Aviation Administration Part 139 regulations.

The solution uses the sophisticated geospatial and mapping capabilities of GIS to provide layered views of airport buildings, property, and infrastructure. The map in the GIS software enables responders and Airport Response Coordination Center (ARCC) personnel to exchange visual information and response plans using an aerial photo or facility maps.

Armed with bi-directional capabilities, field personnel can also log new incidents, creating a shared environment that can manage situations and day-to-day operational activities more effectively. With Situator already successfully deployed by LAX, the airport was able to innovatively leverage its existing technology to increase the scope and benefits it provides.

“Once again, this year’s competition brought in a wide range of exceptional projects that addressed both business and security challenges using innovative security technologies,” said Steve Lasky, editor-in-chief and editorial director for SecurityInfoWatch Security Media Group. “LAX’s use of physical security information management (PSIM) technology impressed us with its outside-the-box – or in this case outside-the-control-room – approach. They’ve effectively extended their situational awareness to the field and applied it to operational areas far beyond security.”

Dominic Nessi, Deputy Executive Director/Chief Information Officer at Los Angeles World Airports spearheaded the project and worked closely with Qognify and AECOM to develop this unique solution. “It is no longer about mere integration of our multiple systems,” Nessi said. “The Qognify-AECOM solution not only consolidates systems into a unified view at the LAX ARCC, it extends the capabilities into the field. We are proud to receive such esteemed recognition for this project, which complements our main source of pride – having a stronger, more efficient solution for our situational awareness, safety, and operations.”

“LAX’s implementation of Qognify Situator EGIS Web application is an excellent example of how organizations can leverage systems beyond security to streamline operations and ensure safety compliance and business continuity,” said Moti Shabtai, President of Qognify, “LAX’s deployment of the Situator EGIS solution illustrates how airports can use situation management in new and innovative ways. We are honored to be recognized alongside LAX and AECOM for this implementation with the prestigious Security Innovations Award.”

This is the second time Qognify has received a Security Innovation Award. In 2011, the company (then under NICE Security) was recognized for New Orleans International Airport’s deployment of Situator.

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