Qognify Packaged Solutions Prove Good Things Come in Small Packages

23 Mar 2018

New Packaged Solutions leverage security data and advanced analysis for addressing key customer pain points, with faster implementation and lower cost of entry

earl River, New York– March 26, 2018 – Qognify, the leader in big data solutions for physical security and operations, will be presenting a new packaged solution, Qognify ISM – Intelligent Security Management, at ISC West 2018.

Qognify is introducing a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) based solution, featuring pre- or auto-configured components, to minimize the time and cost of implementation, reducing the time for the security organization to gain value from this unified operational system.

Compared to standard PSIM solutions, Qognify ISM takes away much of the configuration drain associated with complex PSIM projects. Newly introduced automation tools, provide simplicity for the operator and optimized security operation, after the implementation phase, generating much of the security value through smart technology, pre-configuration, and adaptive integrations.

Examples of the challenges which are addressed by Qognify ISM:

Video verification configuration automated: Qognify ISM uniquely features automatic alarm-to-video associations, based on advanced technology, to allow easy verifications of alarms through visual validation. No longer you need to manually associate cameras to alarm sources of any kind. Qognify ISM, with its inherent intelligence, will do that for you.

Smart data intake: security operators need to record information from phone calls, take resolution steps, and dispatch as needed. Qognify ISM provides standard procedures and intake forms based on common call types, enhanced by context-driven autocomplete options, and by automatic incident geo-placement on the map, to simplify and optimize incident handling.
Security subsystems advanced dashboards: most organizations have so many security sub-systems that it becomes difficult to keep track of these assets. With Qognify ISM, information such as sensor activity and failures is easily provided. Dashboards allow users to filter or expand this information for better understanding of maintenance issues, utilization of security subsystems, and overall performance.
Management dashboards: overall organizational performance can be difficult to monitor while managing the emergencies of the day. Qognify ISM dashboards provide an illustration of trends and data for organizational improvement by monitoring key metrics such as the number of incidents, user activity, resolution times, and incidents location.

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