Q-net queue management solution

Q-net systems can solve problems like increased customer waiting time, unorganized waiting areas, long employee idle time or frustrated customers due to unfair serving. This is ideal solution to monitor the performance of a branch located in a distant location; in short time you will be able to create an exceptional customer experience which can be your competitive advantage.
Q-net Queue Management System is designed not only to solve all such problems but also helps you create an environment where your customers can feel they are treated with special care.  
Q-net is perfect for Banks, Telecom Service Centers, Government Institutions, Hospitals, Retail Outlets, Education, Airlines, Embassies or any other organization which encounters huge customer flow. Our solution is designed to improve company performance, creates an effective business environment, where customers can enjoy unmatched customer experience.

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Q-NET INTERNATIONAL KERESKEDELMI where at stand IF.3615 on the 16-18 May 2023 at the ExCeL London where the co-located IFSEC, FIREX, Facilities Show and Safety & Health Expo events took place!

Q-net queue management systems

Q-net queue management systems

Q-net Pro is a computer-controlled system which can be used even by heavy-loaded branches that require a complex administration process.• Centrally controlled, centrally adjustable, manageable software that sends data to a central storage space.
• Database independent (Microsoft SQL Server,...

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