Pyroplex Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer of passive fire protection products and operates internationally to help the construction industry ensure high levels of fire protection in both commercial and residential buildings.

Pyroplex manufactures a wide range of fire containment products including Fire Stopping CE marked pipe wraps, pipe collars and construction sealants. In addition, many profiles of Fire Seals for use in fire doors suitable for both timber and metal/composite door sets are available. Bespoke intumescent profiles are also an option, and end-to-end project management will ensure the installation of an optimum product, proven by a robust program of testing.

Committed to technical excellence, Pyroplex works tirelessly to secure and maintain third-party certification for all of its products, reassuring specifiers and contractors about their passive fire protection strategy. This includes CE marking, Certifire certification and relevant B...

T: 01905 795432

The Furlong
Droitwich, Worcestershire
United Kingdom

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