Purfleet Industrial Park Secured with Brickcom Cameras

6 Mar 2015

The Purfleet industrial park is situated in Essex, England, and has been the site of Unilever. It is also reputed to be the largest place producing the margarine in the world. Moreover, there are an Esso lubricants plant and a ro-ro ferry terminal here. Obviously, it is the location that is well-known for the prosperous development of the industry.

To enhance the security of the park without enhancing the manned guarding, the installer deployed the Brickcom OB-300Af outdoor bullet cameras for its clients in the park. These cameras enable the security staff to monitor the industrial park 24 hours a day, and with the high-quality image the staff can respond more quickly and effectively to the incidents that may impact the industrial park.

The Brickcom OB-300Af outdoor bullet camera is capable of delivering the 3-megapixel video, which provides more image detail than the Full HD video. Besides, the OB-300Af camera is equipped with a highly integrated IP66 weather-proof enclosure and cable management bracket, which is not only able to stand the changeable weather, but also makes the deployment easy and fast. The OB-300Af is a very suitable outdoor solution for catching any unexpected situations that happen in the industrial park.

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