Protec Fire Detection are on the Innovation Trail at Firex 2015

8 Apr 2015

Come and see our newly patented Cirrus HYBRID at Stand G120

The new (now patented) Cirrus HYBRID is the only multi-sensor aspirating detector and is able to detect fire and smoke from many more fire types than any other aspirating detector.

Key Features:

  • Unique "Cloud Chamber Detection" (CCD) technology to identify invisible fire particles (unseen by any laser/LED detector)
  • High performance optical "Scatter Chamber Detectors" (SCD) to identify both small and large smoke particles
  • Independent and integrated intelligent alarm signal decision making through the use of complex algorithms
  • The largest sensitivity range of any aspirating detector
  • Immune to false alarms from dust, humidity and temperature changes
  • Programmable "Pre-alarm" and 4 programmable "alarm" outputs
  • 1-4 Sampling pipe configurations with integrated airflow monitoring
How it works: Fire & Smoke Detection:

Fire Detection - The cloud chamber detector identifies invisible sub-micron particles generated during the combustion process when an over-heat occurs. The cloud chamber measurement scale is in Particles per cm³ (PPCC) and provides the "Fire" detections element of the Cirrus HYBRID detector. Smoke Detection - Optical smoke sensors identify visible smoke particles generated as material over-heats. The optical measurement scale is obscuration per metre (Obs/m) and provides the "smoke" detection element of the Cirrus HYBRID detector.

Combined Fire & Smoke Scale:

These two technologies work both independently and, through the use of complex algorithms, together, to provide intelligent alarm decision making. The result of this synergy of technologies is a device that can verify true fire/smoke alarm conditions. As importantly, Cirrus HYBRID, can discriminate unwanted or false alarms which plague other aspirating detectors.

Cirrus HYBRID detectors indicate the two separate detection element scales (PPCC & Obs/m) however, as it's primary display these two scales are combined and are referenced on a bespoke scale known as "Combined Fire & Smoke" (CFS).

Protec Fire Detection are taking part in the Innovation Trail at IFSEC, June 16-18 ExCeL London. Register now to join them there.

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