portable walk through metal detector

1. Easy to install, portable, Assemble/Disassemble in 5 Minutes.

2.Automatically identifies and provides a 3-independent-zone detection upon installation (6 zones is optional)

3. Switching 6 sensor panels right and left in any order

4. Made from strong impact-resistance material of ABS and polycarbonate alloy.

5. Inbuilt super bright LED indicators.

6. Multi-units can work together closely at the same time without interference

7. There is no interference and be able to work normally when it works close to large metal or X-ray scanner, no need to reduce sensitivity.

8. Automatic self-diagnostics and self-balancing environment.

9. Automatic passenger and alarm counting.

10. Bright LED to indicate the traffic instructions.

11.Built-in 2 batteries, last 24 hours

12. LCD indicating parameters. 300 sensitivity levels.

13. Harmless to human body, heart pacemaker , pregnant women, magnetic floppy, recording tapes, etc.

14. Conforms to the applicable international standards for electrical safety and CE,ROHS,FCC.

15,PCT international patent and national invention patent certificates are available.

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5th/F,1st Bdg Huachuangda Tech Pk
Guanlan Town
Shenzhen, Bao'an District

walk-through metal detector

walk-through metal detector

1. Easy to install, only take two minutes from open packaging to use.

2. automatic set up,automatic balance the environment after installation.

3. multi-zone display

4. Made from strong impact-resistance material of ABS and polycarbonate alloy.


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