PK series batteries 33AH to 250AH

19 May 2016

               Power Kingdom              
Invested by the No. 1 lead mine group in Asia
50 years' experiences in producing lead acid battery
Own Lead mine & Smelting factory & plate factory & SLA battery assembling factory
Produce SLA battery with highest purity of Lead 99.998%

Nominal Voltage: 12V 
Capacity: from 33AH to 250AH 
Design Life: 10 years 
Applications: large UPS equipment, telecom system, medical equipment,solar power system and 
wind power system. 
Characteristic: special lead- calcium alloy plate,high capability adsorptive clapboard, valve-regulated 
and sealed configuration,no dissociative acid, maintenance-free operation,low self-discharge and 
used safely turn90°,good consistency and no need uniform charge.  

Rm 7011, East Block Building, City Square,
Jiabin Road
Luohu District

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