Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant

3 Jul 2017

A British pharmaceutical company, one of the largest in the world. We received a request from one of their pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in Ireland, the plant produces active ingredients that are used in drugs to treat cancer, Parkinsons and Depression.

We received a request to deliver a means to non-invasively monitor the contents within IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Container). The ammonia is used to breakdown manufacturing by-products before they are then safely incinerated. An ammonia/water mix is delivered onto the site in IBC’s. The current method of monitoring the contents within these IBC’s involves physical dip stick measurements on the tank to monitor usage and replacement. The Methodology stemmed from a lack of confidence in the internal IBC monitoring system. However, the fumes given off by the ammonia creates a health risk for engineers. Opening the top valve also creates risk of contamination to the ammonia. They therefore require a non-invasive method.

A Coltraco Engineer visited the site to conduct technology suitability trials. We surveyed several of the IBC’s, some were partially full and some were fully empty. After adjustments, we determined the general range for a full and empty state across 7 of the IBC’s.Trial indicated real potential for us to deliver a solution for this application. Our present technology indicates that we have the capabilities to deliver a lasting solution to this challenge.

The solution had to be, non-invasive and ultrasonic, Application Specific Calibrated – 0 = LIQUID 100 + = Air (for ease of use), intrinsically safe, robust and designed for application. We developed a turnkey solution offering unparalleled accuracy and clarity of indication on an Intrinsically Safe Platform. The Unit requires no input from the operator apart from the application of the sensor to the vessel wall.

The delivery of the solution allows the operators of the plant to safely, quickly and accurately monitor the contents within the ammonia vessels which are integral to the operation of the plant as a whole. The Unit will also reduce the amount of partially empty ammonia cylinders returned before emptying, saving the organisation money over time.

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