Peoplesafe Launch compact Twig Protector with Mandown Functionality and 20+ Hours Tracking Time

31 Jan 2012

Peoplesafe Launch compact Twig Protector with Mandown Functionality and 20+ Hours Tracking Time

Peoplesafe Launch compact Twig Protector with Mandown Functionality and 20+ Hours Tracking Time

Peoplesafe launch the compact TWIG Protector with Mandown and 20+ hours tracking functionality.

Peoplesafe, independent experts in lone worker safety, have added the Twig Protector, a durable, light and easy to use lone worker device, to their product portfolio.

Peoplesafe already offer the market several lone worker services, including the award winning Identicom, a discreet panic alarm in the form of an ID badge, the Sonim XP3340 Sentinel, a rugged mobile phone with up to 29 hours of GPS tracking time, and various phone based applications.

The Twig Protector, designed and manufactured in Finland, is the latest in lone worker safety devices. With two way audio communication, GPS tracking, mandown capabilities and waterproof casing, the Twig Protector is ideal for both public facing and harsh environments.

The device has advanced features that enable the user two way audio communication with the Emergency Response Centre via a dedicated Red Alert button. A configurable and automated ‘checking in’ system to Emergency Response Centre and a clear and intuitive user interface and graphical display allows for a convenient and easy to use system. The device also includes configurable man down functionality that is capable of detecting free-fall and non-movement.

The device’s accelerometer and GPS function allows the device to transmit direction, speed of movement and location in the event of an emergency. Dedicated company contacts are also contactable via the device’s three –pre-configured quick dial buttons. For those lone workers who wish to use the device more discreetly, there is an additional option of a wireless wrist alarm which allows the user to discreetly raise a Red Alert by pressing the wrist alarm’s Red Alert button.

“The Twig Protector is a durable and dependable lone worker safety alarm allowing minimum distraction for the user that is convenient yet powerful” said Ian Johannessen, Managing Director of Peoplesafe.

Jukka Nieminen, Chairman at Twig Com Ltd, said: “We are excited to supply TWIG safety and GPS products to Peoplesafe, the leading lone worker safety experts in the UK. Peoplesafe share TWIG’s dedication to quality, service and customer safety.”

The Twig Protector is usable in the harshest environments, featuring a shock proof case and waterproof (IP-67 rated). It has a high performance receiver with built-in GSM and GPS antennas and can operate in the harshest of temperatures from -20 ?C to +50 C. With a Zone 1 Category II ATEX version available as well, the Twig Protector ensures lone workers are protected in the most isolated and hazardous environments.

Notes to Editor:

TWIG is a brand of Twig Com Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of personal safety and GPS tracking products and software. TWIG products are designed and manufactured by our experienced Salo, Finland team. TWIG Protector and other TWIG products are used in Europe and in other markets for lone worker protection, telecare and asset tracking.

Peoplesafe is a fully managed lone worker safety system. Founded in 2004, the company has evolved to become the UK’s leading independent specialist in lone worker safety. Visit the website at

Peoplesafe’s clients include major names like Argos, Halfords, Carphone Warehouse, Tata Steel, Premier Foods, Persimmon and Taylor Wimpy and leading car parking company Q Park. For further information, contact Caroline Harding at Peoplesafe on 01909 560912 or at [email protected]

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