25 Apr 2012

Designed by industry experts, Innovise’s Personal Automated Screening Software (PASS) is created to transform and optimise the manual screening process into a highly efficient and transparent operation.

Designed by industry experts, Innovise’s Personal Automated Screening Software (PASS) is created to transform and optimise the manual screening process into a highly efficient and transparent operation.

Staff in most security companies are screened using a variety of manual and semi-manual processes (word processing and spreadsheets) which is not only time consuming and labour intensive but it is a methodology that is insufficient by modern standards. Failing to provide management with the kind of reporting and day-to-day information that they would like, traditional screening falls extremely short of what can be achieved via an automated system.

PASS is designed to automate the screening (or ‘vetting’) of staff to meet any standard (or multiple standards) required by the user. Proven to reduce processing time by an average of 40%, PASS is already being successfully used in many large volume screening operations within the UK.

Built for integration into third party applications, PASS compliments Innovise’s TimeGate workforce management solution. Integration enables a one-time data entry and drive total compliance to all areas of your business . Automating most of the manual processes involved in screening a candidate from simply sending references to updating the candidate file, the automated capabilities of PASS will save vital man hours and considerable administrative costs. Integrated with the SIA Licensing process to assist in the new application process (within the UK), PASS stores all the key candidate information including a complete audit trail of notes and actions to make screening quick and accurate.

Information on the candidate’s previous employment and qualifications is also held and verified by PASS, which allows the comparison of information submitted by candidates and of that supplied by their referees. All references are linked to automated letters, emails and faxes to accelerate the screening process.

Designed to be user-friendly the PASS solution can provide the user with a wealth of information in a fraction of the time that it once took. Previously taking up to ten weeks to screen a single candidate to BS7858 standards, customers are able to achieve a processing time of just ten days thanks to PASS.

PASS employee screening software will save your business money, ensure compliance and enable effective vetting management. PASS is available for businesses of any scale and operating in any industry. PASS will even operate as an end-to-end solution for high volume vetting businesses that provide outsourced screening and background check services.

The benefits that PASS can provide:

  • Lower Screening Costs - PASS automates the personnel vetting and pre-employment screening process, including the seamless generation of reference check and background check documentation, whether it be letter, fax or email, reducing direct screening costs by at least 33%.
  • Industry Compliance - PASS includes a wide range of employee vetting and pre-employment screening process checks to guarantee the quality needed to comply with industry requirements. PASS has vetting features for various industries that carry out background checks. These include Airport security screening (DoT), Financial Services screening and executive background checks (Form A) and Security screening and licensing (BS:7858 and SIA).
  • Vetting Business Management - PASS provides the tools to manage your vetting operation. Screening activity information is available at the touch of a button. In addition to automating background check activity, PASS can form part of your end-to-end business process, taking information from the interview stage and creating a paperless one-time-entry system. Links exist to the TimeGate Workforce Management system, SIA Bulk Application Process and the Link Personnel Screening Bureau.

Efficient and resource saving, PASS offers an easily implemented automated system that will revolutionise the way that you screen your staff. The average pay back time for PASS is less than one year due to the considerable amount of time that is saved through using the system. As well as resource savings, PASS customers report an increase in their average productivity with additional savings being made where a PASS Direct Connect (PDC) web based application is being used to collect data on-line. 

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