ORing Products deployed in Surveillance System of Large-scaled Hoist Equipment

9 Apr 2013

  With the higher security demand of the productive procedure, the Zhengzhou New Dafang Heavy Industries & Technology Co., Ltd., which stands for the research and development center of large-scal...


With the higher security demand of the productive procedure, the Zhengzhou New Dafang Heavy Industries & Technology Co., Ltd., which stands for the research and development center of large-scaled hoist equipment, established a security surveillance control system. The aim of this system is enhancing the surveillance control of equipment and security control. The system, which is designed for the large-scaled machinery, is fully compliant with the national-standard security monitoring of machinery equipment. This system can not only increase the parameter based on customers’ need, but also ensure the security for the equipment.
With its multi-functions, the system not only controls the analog data and digital data of the equipment, but also deploys high quality surveillance system in the key parts. The system real-time transfers the progressing status of equipment and control the process. Moreover, it can send alarm notice when the abnormal event occurs, and in the same time enhances the quality of surveillance. 
The system requirements are surely strict: the products need to support the high resolution video for real-time monitoring and meet the requirement of 12/24VDC power source in cars. Due to the inconvenience of power line deployment in some situations, PoE technology can solve the power supply problem.For Solving the configuration problem in the real-time progressing circumstances with wireless communication in certain areas. The main requirement of the project are reliance and stability with industrial-graded equipment under harsh operating environment.
ORing offers our solution: in the Carrying vehicle, there are 4 pieces of high resolution video which are deployed in different parts in the carrying vehicle for real-time monitoring in the working condition. Also, a PoE switch – IGPS-1080-24V is placed in the carrying vehicle which offers the power supply and data transmission for IP cameras.
The IGPS-1080-24V is connected to a wireless AP – IAP-W512+ in the same time, passing the monitoring data back to the control center of the bridge girder erection machine.
In the Control center of the bridge girder erection machine. Seven pieces of high resolution IP cameras which were deployed in the different parts of bridge girder erection machine are monitoring the operating environment. A PoE switch – IPS-3082GC-24V is configured in each operating room offering access for the high resolution IP cameras, offering the PoE power supply and transmitting the data of IP cameras back to the control center. The IAP-W512+ in the operating room connects with the wireless AP in the carrying vehicles. And it transmits the visual data of the robotic arms to the control center. In the operating room, the Tank700 is in charge of the information progressing and preserving. The Tablet PC in driving cabinet can display the real-time monitoring information.
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