ORing and the Puyuma Express

15 Apr 2013

  The Express is named after the aboriginal tribe in Taitung county, it means “united” in the language. The Puyuma Express represents the progression in railway transportation for the eas...


The Express is named after the aboriginal tribe in Taitung county, it means “united” in the language. The Puyuma Express represents the progression in railway transportation for the east Taiwan. Its route includes the Yiland Line, North-Link Line and Hualien-Taintung Line, it will soon serve the passengers on the East coast. The Puruma Express not only saves time, but also brings the most amazing traveling experience to all the passengers.
The highlight of Puyuma Express is its networking environment which covers the entertaining function, communication and surveillance, etc. All the equipment in the train cars is based on the networking system, which not only solves the problem of wiring configuration, but also offers the massive and stable data transmission. The ORing products show its state-of-the-art quality on the Puyuma Express and achieve its goal for wireless network.
The Puyuma Express is included the front/ back locomotives and 8 train cars, there are 18 ORing T-series Ethernet Switch products, which specially design for the railway transportation. These products were deployed in the system for building the reliable networking environment. Moreover, these switches build up the prooful network redundancy, which increase the stability for the wireless network.
First of ORing’s T-series products is TPS-3082GT-M12, which were installed in the front and back locomotives, they not only link with the switches in the train cars, but also link with the advertisement displayer, sever and IP cameras on the both sides: the advertisement displayer offers the entertainment applications for the passengers; the host stands for the center of The Puyuma Express offering real time information to the control center; the IP cameras which can convey the real time video stream, assure the security for both the passengers and the staff.
For displaying information and the security concern, every train car is equipped with two of our T-series products, which is special designed for the The Puyuma Express. They ensure the well-operation of displaying, broadcasting system and IP phones. These fully customized products not only show the excellent performance of ORing quality, but also unroll ORing’s flexible and complete service for all our clients.
The second model is TPS-3082GT-M12 and T-series products, which offer the dependable and trustful networking environment. These products are fully compliant with the certification of railway requirements. ORing not only offers the reliable products which bring the data transmission to the new level, but also apply flexible and professional service suits clients’ need.
ORing provides professional, various products and localize after-sale service all over the world. For any particular query about the products, please refer to our website http://www.oring-networking.com/ or directly e-mail to sales@oring-networking.com. We would love to offer you the most suitable and efficient service.

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