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17 Jun 2016

Firetherm has developed a unique product identification system which enables specifiers and installers to demonstrate that correctly specified and accredited materials, and not an inferior or perhaps untested alternatives, have been delivered and installed.

All Firetherm products use our ultra violet light indication technology - Optifire - which facilitates instant recognition of installed product and therefore assurance of third party accreditation and inspection companies such as Firas, British Research Establishment, Building Control and independent fire-risk assessors. This reduces risk and can result in reduced insurance premiums.

By simply applying a UV light source to the surface of the coated product a colour unique to our product range is revealed. Lifetime identification provides assurance of product and system integrity in terms of supply, usage and maintenance.

For more information about Optifire, contact our Technical Services Department on 01322 551010 or email is at technical@firetherm.com.

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