15 Jun 2016

Firestop cast-in devices make life easier compared to traditional methods of shuttering or breaking/coring after the concrete is poured.

A one-step installation means less labour is needed and reduced co-ordination between trades who are sometimes on-site days or weeks apart. Our new device has an upgraded design and comes with a smaller footprint which means pipes can be installed closer together.

Handy notches on the edges of the base allow for easy alignment. A new thread on the lid also allows for both a secure connection - to prevent water ingress or trip hazards - and a modular design for accessories such as a manifold adapter and extensions.

Fast: high productivity gains

One-step installation:

fast installation - simply install with nails or GX / DX - meaning labour savings and higher productivity. No need to backfill with mineral wool or mortar.

Less co-ordination:

install before the concrete is poured, meaning less co-ordination between trades and less contractors on the job.

Fasten and forget:

pre-formed solution that provides a consistent and approved solution - quality of the firestopping doesn’t depend on the installation.

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Trafford Park
M17 1BY
United Kingdom

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