One of the World's Largest Transit Agencies Doubles Down on Safety and Security With Qognify

16 Nov 2015

The agency will deploy the full suite of Qognify security solutions to enhance passenger safety and security, operational efficiency, and business continuity

Qognify, formerly NICE Security, today announced that one of the world’s largest transit agencies is now more secure than ever after expanding its investment in Qognify security solutions. With that investment, the agency adds Suspect Search and mobility solutions to better detect, manage, and analyze incidents, amplifying its use of Situator, NiceVision, and Qognify intrusion detection. Using the full suite of Qognify security solutions, the agency will be able to ensure the highest levels of operational efficiency, business continuity, and passenger safety and security.

After deploying Situator late last year, the agency can merge and correlate data from multiple security, safety, and operations systems and sensors for a comprehensive real-time picture of incidents impacting the transit system. Situator’s real-time alerts and automated, adaptive workflows immediately notify command center operators of new incidents, show where they’re happening, and provide guidance on how to handle them in order to minimize their impact and return to normal operation as quickly as possible.

Now, with the addition of Qognify’s mobile solutions, the transit organization will extend these situational awareness and management capabilities to its field responders via their Internet-connected mobile devices. Qognify’s mobile solutions integrate directly with the Situator command and control environment, so everyone – whether in the operations center or in the field – works off of the same common operating picture and utilizes the same procedures. Stakeholders can even communicate and collaborate using a GIS map as an interactive canvas, and share photos and video.

The agency has also selected Suspect Search, Qognify’s patent-pending real-time video analyticssolution that can locate and retrace the movements of a lost child or suspect in minutes. Once deployed, the agency will be able to quickly search hundreds or thousands of hours of video to find a person of interest so responders can intervene before a situation escalates.

“This large-scale project reinforces Qognify’s ability to provide a comprehensive security and operations package that meets the wide range of demands of today’s world-class transit organizations,” said Moti Shabtai, President of Qognify. “We are proud to be recognized as a leader in this market, and are committed to continued innovation in order to help agencies streamline all aspects of incident handling, better secure their people and assets, and ensure operational efficiency.”

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