North Lincolnshire Homes Case Study

24 Apr 2012

  The design of security systems is a key element in the development of modern day homes and housing schemes. Staying abreast with the forefront of new technology ensures the safety of residents and pe...


The design of security systems is a key element in the development of modern day homes and housing schemes. Staying abreast with the forefront of new technology ensures the safety of residents and peers alike. The process of guaranteeing safety will often begin with the property developer, who will have to specify that the correct systems are installed in order to meet the standards for safety regulation.

Over a year-long period spanning 2010 and 2011, Network Communication Systems Ltd (NCS) worked with North Lincolnshire Homes in their Better Homes project, the aim of which was to replace and improve the communal entrances on a number of houses and flats in Scunthorpe. This project began in October 2010 and concluded on schedule, at the end of last year.

Designing a door entry or access control system requires an understanding of the project and the need of the end user, so choosing a company that can create a bespoke integrated system is the right step to take. In this case, Henry Boot was the project’s main contractor, and chose NCS to take the project forward. 

North Lincolnshire Homes launched this project after encountering growing problems with anti-social behaviour in certain areas of Scunthorpe.  They found that the main entrances of many residential buildings were set back from the exterior, creating alcoves which invited loitering and vandalism. To combat this problem, the decision was made to not only replace the doors but also have them installed on the outside of each building; this meant that the door entry consoles would also have to be replaced. The new door entry systems proved effective, and the changeover went fantastically well, going a long way to making the residents feel comfortable in their environment again.

A spokesperson from NCS said, “It was great to work on such a substantial project, giving us the opportunity to apply our existing solutions, in new and innovative ways.”

Network Communication Systems Ltd is an independent company specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of door access controls and multiple aspects of security equipment. Formed in Doncaster in 1992, NCS work alongside local authorities and housing associations to provide social alarms and access control systems wherever they are needed.

Working in partnership with main contractors Henry Boot and door suppliers Vulcan, NCS were tackling ten to fifteen properties per week. Their part in the operation involved replacing door entry panels, installing interior control cabinets, providing new handsets to each flat and conducting repairs and replacements on wiring in individual flats where necessary. This was a bespoke plan drawn up between all parties and implemented by NCS.

Each premises presented its own challenges – the majority of the buildings were 4- and 6-way flats, although they ranged from 2-way communal flats all the way up to the 80-way Trent View tower. On top of this already considerable challenge, there was also the issue of repairing vandalised systems, and a need to keep up with tenants’ demands for extra key fobs.

Commenting on Network Communications Systems’ role in the venture, a representative from North Lincolnshire Homes had this to say:

“NCS have been great. They’ve worked very well with the other contractors and accommodated the schedule changes and problems with vandalism that have cropped up along the way. Personally I find them amiable and professional – their experience shows. Speed of service counts for a lot in this business and NCS have been on top of the job every step of the way.”


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