Nortech's Norpass3 Controls Access at Renewable Energy Plant

4 Mar 2015

The brief was to supply robust full height pedestrian turnstiles with a rugged and effective access control system in order to allow site access to authorised personnel.

The energy plant has many contractors on site during the construction phase, the system needed to offer a solution that would record each worker’s movements in and out of the on site.

To work in conjunction with Ultimation Direct's turnstiles, Nortech supplied Norpass3, a user-friendly PC based access control system which allows the client to accurately monitor the contractors and control who is allowed site access.

The system provides each member of the workforce with their own proximity card allowing them entry to site by holding the card against the turnstile mounted readers for both entry and exit. By controlling access in both directions, Norpass 3 software is able to monitor and identify the number of workers on site at any time. This provides a critical management reporting tool for accurate contractor attendance records to resolve disputes or to assist in the creation of an emergency roll call list.

The Benefits?

  • Simple system administration, management reporting tool allowing identification of the number of workers on site at any time which, would assist in the creation of a roll call in case of emergency.


  • Proximity cards offer an increased level of security, lost or stolen cards can be quickly disabled and replaced.

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