Ningbo Feida Communication Apparatus Co.

Ningbo Feida Communication Apparatus Co.,Ltd. located in Binhai Industrial Zone,Xiangshan Peninsula,Ningbo City,Zhejiang Province. We are committed to research and development of diverse equipment Cabinet, such as Network Cabinet,Server Rack, Control Cabinet and other types of Communication Cabinet.Our products meet the high-volume and high-quality customer demand.

We initiated with the introduction of CNC cutting, CNC turret punch,CNC bending machine, a variety of high performance welding machines,electrostatic spray, and other precision equipment.The material of our products all made of high quality cold-rolled sheet steel, with the surface disposed anti-rust phosphating and electrostatic spray,featured with stable and reliable character,easy-equipped,elegant appearance and other great characteristics.

No.16 Building Changhe Industrial Zone
No.80 Jinkai Road, Binhai Industrial Zone
Ningbo, Xiangshan County

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