New Traffic Sense Platform from Genetec Now Available

24 Apr 2018

Next generation traffic operations platform unifies video management and traffic systems with dynamic decision support

MONTREAL, March 13, 2018 - Genetec Inc. (“Genetec"), a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, today announced that its next-generation traffic operations platform, Genetec Traffic Sense™, is now available. Genetec Traffic Sense introduces a new, modern, and highly efficient way to manage traffic operations. It delivers a unified view of real-time conditions and vehicle flow to cities, bridge and tunnel operators, state transportation departments, and border crossing agencies, so they can identify and respond to incidents more efficiently, with a complete view of the traffic situation. 

Real-time notifications, automated workflows, and guided responses enable traffic management operators to make timely decisions, resulting in drivers getting to their destinations faster. Displaying data on a single interface cuts through the noise and lets operators focus on the tasks that matter - whether that is dynamically updating electronic road signs, or dispatching Emergency Response Units. With Traffic Sense working silently in the background to guide traffic operations teams, drivers experience smoother, quicker journeys - no matter how fast technologies and environments evolve."The growing adoption of new traffic technologies, ride sharing, connected vehicles, and, eventually, self-driving cars, means keeping pace with infrastructure developments is harder than ever. Traffic Sense gives traffic management operators the ability to adapt to these changes. It improves their incident response times, while providing drivers with vital journey information to reduce their travel time and decrease congestion," said Christian Chénard-Lemire, Team Lead for Intelligent Mobility at Genetec.

Traffic Sense unifies traffic data, dynamic message sign control, video monitoring, video analytics, and incident management. By tapping into a variety of data sources from roadside sensors to third-party probe data for travel-time analytics, Traffic Sense automatically identifies congestion and abnormal traffic conditions. It correlates traffic data with associated video feeds, all displayed within dynamic maps of roadways, giving operators instant and complete awareness of what is happening.

Armed with this information, traffic operators can quickly bring things back to normal following an incident. Traffic Sense enables organizations to define response plans to guide their operators and ensure that teams respond to incidents in a consistent, efficient and less stressful way. By presenting standard operating procedures on-screen, Traffic Sense guides operators through every step of the process, from identification to resolution. With Traffic Sense, operators can also update signs along affected roadways directly within the software platform, ensuring drivers are well informed at all times.

While traditional advanced traffic management systems require extensive custom development, and are slow to adapt to changing environments, Traffic Sense is an open platform designed to quickly and seamlessly integrate new and emerging technologies. This  reduces customers' total cost of ownership and shortens implementation cycles significantly.

Traffic Sense is available immediately from select Genetec certified systems integrators in North America. To learn more about Genetec Traffic Sense, visit:

T: +1 514 332 4000

2280 Alfred-Nobel Blvd.
H4S 2A4
Montreal, Quebec

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