New tactical bulletproof shield Wheeled folding bulletproof wall

21 May 2018

Large Size Protective Wall Bulletproof Shield 

The wheeled folding bulletproof wall has superior ballistic resistance, with high protection level, can provide an extra large protection area. According to your needs of combat, two side shields can be retracted freely, which can quickly form an encirclement to the key protection targets or be a vigilant wall for soldiers and public security. This ballistic equipment meet the requirements of USA NIJ level III and IV high protection ballistic performance. 

We have many other types of bulletproof shield, made of  high-performance anti-ballistic composite material, covering all protection of USA NIJ standard IIIA, III and IV levels. The shields are matched same protection bulletproof window, and tactical LED lights if required. According to different sizes, we provide two styles of hand held and wheelded. 

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