New development of a company - "IPP-3IR-Ex" infrared flame detector

6 Jun 2018

IPP-Ex is a new company development  for hazardous zones protection, which is designed for detecting ignitions accompanied by open flame with subsequent transmission of an alarm message to a BRSS-Ex zone extension module. 

"IPP-3IR-Ex" infrared flame detector refers to intrinsically safe electric devices with "ia" level "intrinsically safe electric circuit" explosion protection. 

Features of the Detector
-          IPP-Ex executes three spectral lines analyses in IR-range providing fast and reliable fire detection and high-level interference protection; 
-          Self-test system of internal circuitry automatically monitors the IPP-Ex;
-          Sensitivity adjustment (3 levels) for different exploitation conditions;
-          Case is combined with electric junction box. 

Closed joint-stock company RIELTA
T: +7 (812) 498-19-71

Russian Federation

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