NCIS Intelligence and Security Services built up monitoring center with GKB HEM software

9 Nov 2015


NCIS Intelligence and Security Services is based in Larnaca, Cyprus, and boasts a modern showcase office which incorporates with its technology to sophisticated observation and surveillance platforms all with the goal of protecting valuable assets and infrastructure worldwide. NCIS has been on the cutting edge of technology in order to provide high security technology to secure the environment.


NCIS aims to build up their monitoring center to provide security services for entire clients in Cyprus. The entire recording server needs to be accessed from their 24/7 monitoring center to secure their user’s environment without missing any events.


Central monitoring center

NCIS used GKB HEM software to build up their monitoring center viewing in more than 120 locations with 150 DVRs all over Cyprus. HEM software is not limited to DVRs or NVRs; it combines analog DVRs, analog HD DVRs, and IP camera NVRs. These properties are well secured by 24/7 viewing of GKB HEM software by their security guard teams.

Live-view pop-out alarm notification

Beyond the technology of GKB HEM software, we provides Hyperlink design interface for NCIS. They are able to design their own interface to match up their security guards’ demands. They have designed six monitors with live view for entire DVR channels and two monitors focusing on high-risk areas to provide live-view pop-out alarm notifications which can notify their security guard immediately without any latency.

Immediate notification

GKB’s DVRs and NVRs developed a “Dynamic Bandwidth Technology” which can automatically adjust the video bit-rate to meet local uploading bandwidth to provide the entire video directly to the headquarters without delays.

GKB Security Corporation
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