Nanuuri NET, Inc

"NET,Inc. company has achieved excellent technical knowhow, competitive power of products and sales capacity." Ever since its establishment in 2003, NET,Inc. company has strived for a synthesized IT solution by developing RAID sub-system and biometrics. Based on the technology of fingerprint sensor and algorithm, NET,Inc. products make up the core of fingerprint recognition, and with the ever so diversification in the use of biometrics worldwide, NET,Inc. will not only satisfy, but exceed the expectations of our customers. NET,Inc. currently supplies sensors, OEM modules, USB scanners for logical access and integrated systems for physical access control. we also have our upcoming OEM modules that will be mounted with an epoch-making 1:12,000 algorithm, able to recognize fingerprints within a mere 1 second. These OEM modules will be connected to various sensors and launched in the very near future. Possessing the leading fingerprint recognition technology, NET,Inc. optical sensors pre...

Nanuuri NET, Inc
T: +82 70 4184 7288

Sanhagdan 607
Guanggyosanro 154-42
Suwon, 443-760
Korea, Republic of

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