12 Jun 2017

Ministry of Sports Affairs in Oman replaces old Time & Attendance system with a modern state-of-the-art biometric system. Throughout 12 branches across the country, the old system is now upgraded to unique 3D-Touchless technology from TBS.

The Ministry of Sports Affairs in Oman is a Government Ministry that promotes the development of sport across Oman. The Ministy establishes provisions for sports facilities in 12 branches located throughout the country and forges partnerships with local organisations. With the urge for effectivity, the Ministry wished to be uniformly equipped with a new powerful Time & Attendance system.

The previous Time & Attendance system had a long record of being uneasy to use. The biggest drawback: it involved pulling out data manually from old touch-based fingerprint readers for over 800 users. Problems occurred not only because this process was time-consuming, but also because the old touch-based fingerprint readers simply produced too many identification failures from ‘Difficult fingers’.

For both problems, the solution was simple: 3DTouchless technology from Touchless Biometric Systems.

In addition to TBS’ classic 2D fingerprint readers, TBS’ 3D devices offer an even better recognition performance especially in difficult situations. The old touch-based finger scanners have had challenges with ‘difficult fingers’, where people with thin skin resulting from diabetes, high pigment skin, fingers decorated with henna, oil, or dust often could not be recognised. The TBS 3D technology wipes out these issues easily because it is equipped with capability to scan not just small and flat fingerprints, but the larger finger surface in 3D. This advanced technology guarantees maximum security levels and no failure to enroll.

The TBS technology also provides integration with remote locations, ensuring ultimate coverage in all branches across Oman.

In cooperation with TBS’ local Partner, United Systems, the Ministry was able to smoothly integrate the new system with the existing system. Arabic was set as the standard language on all devices and software to ensure the operating convenience. This allows up to 1,200 users to quickly and effortlessly utilise the system.

Swiss Biometrics Manufacturer TBS has built a strong presence and reference base in the Middle East with installations in over 30 Government organizations. This is also due to the high quality and stability of Swiss security technology, which is highly valued in the Arab countries, as well as around the world.

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