Mineral Insulated Cable Company

Who are MICC Ltd?

  • MICC has 85 years of Mineral Insulated Cable manufacturing experience!
  • Use the unique seamless tube manufacturing process developed by BICC in the 1930’s
  • Offer unrivalled experience in mineral insulated cable research, products and applications
  • The only manufacturer to produce both copper and alloy 825 sheathed wiring cables
  • World’s largest manufacturer of MI cable and cable factory
  • MICC do not make cables for anybody else
Why is MICC the only true Fire Survival cable?
  • Proven upto 3 hour escape time in ‘Real World’ fire conditions
  • Inorganic construction=Nothing to burn!=Zero toxic emissions and Zero smoke!
  • Inorganic materials=Last a lifetime!
  • MICC wiring cables come with a life time guarantee!
  • Holistic fire survival=Zero combustion and Zero heat release
  • Naturally armoured=Pest proof, no risk of rodent damage!
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Temperature House
21 Sedling Road
Wear Industrial Estate
NE38 9BZ
Washington, Tyne And Wear
United Kingdom

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