Micropack (Engineering) Ltd

MICROPACK. Globally Renowned Fire and Gas Detection Engineers and Consultants.We design, develop and manufacture the FDS product range of Visual Flame Detectors and are market leaders in the provision of Fire and Gas Mapping Studies. Our experience extends to equipping major oil and gas operators worldwide with Fire and Gas Engineers, who provide 24-hour support on these critical safety systems.

For over 30 years, MICROPACK has been actively working within the oil & gas industry and is today recognized as specialists in fire and gas detection technologies. In addition to pioneering in the field of optical fire and gas detection, MICROPACK is also experienced in fire research work and the effects of offshore environmental conditions on optical detection methods. This subsequently led to MICROPACK developing its own range of mapping tools, capable of quantifying the performance of fire and gas detection systems. MICROPACK applied its unique e...

Fire Training Centre
United Kingdom

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