Meet the Installer: ICOL Security Systems

21 Jan 2015

Established in 1984 by senior partner Colin Martin, ICOL Security Systems is now a firmly established, family run security systems installation business, which supplies Intruder Alarm, CCTV & Access Control solutions to a broad spectrum of markets. 

ICOL recently added to their long list of RISCO product based installations, using LightSYS 2 to update and expand an existing alarm system at a large Essex school.

Due to the school’s limited budget and the fact that the existing cable infrastructure was contained in asbestos ceilings that could not be disturbed without special measures and the associated cost, ICOL needed to avoid recabling and reuse as much of the existing cable infrastructure as possible.

“Considering these restrictions, we needed to find a control panel and detectors that could utilise the existing wiring. We had used RISCO’s LightSYS 2 products on many of our installations before and knew that the product could provide the perfect solution to address the school’s installation needs.”

Expanding the existing system using RISCO BUS technology, ICOL engineers installed 31 LightSYS 2 detectors using just a single existing 12-core alarm cable to deliver power and data to the connected BUS-equipped detectors. Saving valuable installation time, remote configuration (and servicing) of the detectors makes set-up extremely simple.
Complimenting the detectors, ICOL engineers installed a LightSYS 2 Keypad to provide seamless integration and expansion to the existing system, and even further expansion at the school in the future, should it be required.

“The RISCO technology allowed us to power the replacement and additional alarm system equipment along existing cables, even on the long corridors of the school, without disturbing the wiring infrastructure. The flexibility of RISCO BUS technology allowed us to provide a high-performance and cost-effective solution, and with minimal operational downtime to the school’s daily routine.

We’ve used RISCO products for many years and continue to enjoy both the performance of the product, and the excellent technical and after-sales support we receive. We have many new alarm projects in the pipeline and will have no hesitation in specifying RISCO products for use in of them, to ensure that our end-user customers can reap the benefits of cost-effective quality, reliability and performance.”

T: 0161 655 5500

Commerce House
Whitbrook Way
Stakehill Industrial Estate
M24 2SS
Middleton, Manchester
United Kingdom

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