Mainstay Group

23 Apr 2019

The Challenge

Mainstay Group employ a large number of staff who may at times work alone on the, such as Concierge, Security Officers and Cleaners on a top 100 FTSE company.

If an employee was to face any difficulty such as an assault, accident or become ill, they would require an effective means of calling for help in an emergency.

The Solution

Looking for suitable yet cost-effective lone worker protection, Mainstay Group came across MiSentinel from SGS, a Time and Attendance software management programme that also captures Lone Worker data.

MiSentinel is a cloud-based application to easily keep track of schedules, equipment and monitoring of staff.

Mi-Sentinel mobile application works as lone worker and patrol device which is a major cost reduction for the business.

Following a successful trial of the MiSentinel software we then rolled this out to the 8 sites across the UK, we have now also equipped all our lone working cleaners with the software on a further 2 sites.

MiSentinel provides users with a means for quickly and easily raising an emergency alert at the touch of a button or a phone call. Linking directly to a dedicated 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre, users can feel safe in the knowledge that help and assistance is never far away.

Since its introduction, MiSentinel has become an excellent safety system which enhances staff safety during a lone-working activity. As well as helping the business to fulfil its Duty of Care towards its colleagues, it gives employees confidence and security when carrying out work in remote locations.

If a check call is missed then the 24hr control try and contact the user using the pre-planned escalation, if no response is gained then a mobile resource is tasked to ascertain if all is well.

Also, if an employee is not arrived for shift and no book on made other resources can be tasked as a replacement making sure cover is onsite.

I would wholly recommend the MiSentinel software for the reasons above.

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