LUQEL have developed a new water dispenser where mains water can be made completely safe and pure. The new system removes all impurities, such as bacteria, nano-plastics and heavy metals by using sediment, active carbon and reverse osmosis filters, to leave clean, pure drinking water. The water is then re-mineralised to deliver a variety of individualised mineralised water tastes, still and sparkling and hot. There is no need to purchase a selection of pre-bottled mineral waters and transport them across countries. Making mineral water from mains water saves money and improves your sustainability credentials. Each water dispenser can be linked to a hydration app to encourage their health and well-being, which can also be linked to their own glass or stainless steel water bottle. This allows individuals to manage their own hydration and to choose their own favourite flavours of water.  LUQEL is a credible alternative source of mineralised waters, and helps you track...

T: 7894 279 115

Gemini Building Sunrise Parkway,
MK14 6LS
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom


LUQEL Ltd. UK where at stand FM.3418 on the 16-18 May 2023 at the ExCeL London where the co-located IFSEC, FIREX, Facilities Show and Safety & Health Expo events took place!

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