Login Manager

Login Manager is the USB dongle type password manager with fingerprint authentication. Nowadays we visit countless websites, and they ask us to change our password occasionally to prevent information leakage. However, it is not easy to memorize all the ID/PW for various sites, and moreover it is inconvenient. Login Manager solves complicated website login with a single login fingerprint authentication. All you have to do is just put your finger on USB, and then it will automatically input your ID/PW and let you login to the site immediately. Also, Login Manager provide Drag&Drop folder lock function. Everyone has some important files or folders that does not want to be opened by anyone. All you have to do to secure your file or folder is just drag&drop that to Login Manager. Then it will secure your file & folder and will not let anyone to open it. To open these secured data, fingerprint is required. So only the owner of the Login Manager is able to open the data. 

#7F. Gemvax Bio Center. 117 Unjung-ro.Bundang-gu.
Seongnam-si., GYEONGGI-DO
Korea, Republic of

Secure Card

Secure Card

Secure Card is the easy-to-carry pocket-sized card type OTP with fingerprint sensor on it. At the moment, SMS or mobile is the most used method for OTP. However because of it's weak securiy, more people will use hardware type of OTP in the future. One of the big concern for hardware type OTP is losing and mis...

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