Lehavot Advanced Fire Protection Systems

For 60 years LEHAVOT has been a leading supplier of the world’s most advanced fire detection & suppression systems. Our solutions are based on cutting-edge R&D, such as the revolutionary DELTA pneumatic-electronic linear fire & heat detector.Our products address the needs of many sectors including:

  • Trains, buses (BUSShield)
  • Military vehicles (DEFENSEShield)
  • Industrial kitchens (KITCHENShield)
  • Mining (conveyor belts, heavy-duty vehicles, etc.) (MINEShield)
  • Oil & gas tank storage (TANKShield)
Our cost-effective, easy-to-maintain, environment-friendly systems provide fast detection, maximum fire suppression efficiency and complete control. Our operations are ISO 9000 quality compliant and our products meet all relevant international standards. Our customers include the Israel Ministry of Defense, as well as major companies in the US, Europe, Middle East & Asia such as Coca-Cola, Sheraton, Solaris, Irizar, Lonmin.

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