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Improving sustainability in construction with water-efficient bathrooms

By 2050 water demand is to set increase by 55% with growing populations coupled with increasing water scarcity. Bathrooms account for 90% of water use in commercial buildings, given the enormous amount of water used, any savings that can be achieved will have a significant impact in managing water sustainably for the future.  

Choosing water saving products is now a legislative requirement for new buildings and the need for demonstrable sustainability measures is having a big impact on building design with clients looking at more sustainable ways to build and fit out their buildings. Selecting the right materials, products, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems can greatly reduce a buildings initial and life cycle impact on the environment, including reduced consumption of water, reduced energy costs, and a healthier environment for users.

Sustainability and water saving has become a very important consideration for building designers and operators, and conservation of water is leading to significant developments in product innovation.  Bathroom manufacturers are aiding building designers in their quest to reduce water consumption by producing new, exciting, innovative, and technologically advanced products. Current ranges of water saving products, include WCs which only require 4/2.6 litres of water for flushing, waterless urinals, water saving baths, and flow restrictors in taps.  A recent innovation in toilets is also making a significant impact in water saving.  Propelair - a new toilet innovation and the world’s lowest water-flush toilet - uses only 1.5 litres per flush. It is the highest performer under BREEAM’s water efficiency guidelines using up to 84% less water than conventional toilets.  The unique and patented design of the toilet has been engineered specifically for commercial, public, and heavy footfall premises.

The benefits of water saving are both significant and comprehensive.  With consciousness of waste, carbon emissions, climate change and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) being at the forefront of commercial clients’ concerns, saving water is high on the agenda. Selecting water-efficient products not only saves water but directly impacts a premises’ carbon footprint by reducing the need for supply and water treatment processing. Macro-economic, social, and sustainability drivers have led to water saving being an important consideration for all new build and refurbishment construction projects. 

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Lecico Bathrooms / Propelair

Lecico Bathrooms / Propelair where at stand FM.2868 on the 16-18 May 2023 at the ExCeL London where the co-located IFSEC, FIREX, Facilities Show and Safety & Health Expo events took place!



Propelair - The water-saving toilet

Lecico Bathrooms are the exclusive UK distributor of Propelair water-saving toilets for commercial buildings.  Propelair toilets are the highest performers under BREEAM’s water efficiency guidelines and use up to 84% less water than standard WC’s. In the ...

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