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Leads 2 Trade specialise in double qualified sales leads generated from our network of “Trusted Local Suppliers” & “Compare Companies” websites. All our leads are then double qualified by our in-house call centre to verify and ensure that the consumer is looking to receive quotes & surveys from our members. Our leads represent qualified consumers who have specifically requested quotes for your products and services, via our portfolio of 100+ home improvement websites delivered to you in real time.

Domestic and commercial alarms and CCTV is the latest addition to our stable of lead generation product types so if you want to become a member of the most successful lead generation network in the UK and start receiving high quality, double qualified sales leads in your area come down and see one of our representatives on stand number C1030

Leads 2 Trade Ltd
T: 0800 021 3211

Key House
15/16 Embankment
Emery Park, Vake Road
Heaton Mersey, Stockport
United Kingdom

78 Percent increase in conversion for Hot Key Leads
Product News

78 Percent increase in conversion for Hot Key Leads

As well as providing double qualified sales leads, Leads2trade also provide their members with leads in real-time via email or text, or their new service ‘Hot Key’ where calls can be directly transferred to installers from the call centre whilst the customer is still on the phone. The Hot Key service has increased sales conversion rates for Leads2trade members by 78 per cent.

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