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17 May 2015

Door Lock Access-Control

Hotel Lock of GAHL-020

-IC card lock: To open the door with the use of IC identification system, it is no longer to associate with the card and a bunch of keys, but enjoy the he convenience and safety from the high-tech RF identification;
External power: To prevent your electronic door locks being short of power, the design of external power will let you far away from the problem, and provide you with all the convenience and security; -Low-voltage alarm: The system will automatically set off the "low- voltage alarm," and never mind when batteries replaced are needed; - Intelligent management: Intelligent IC card registration, deletion, emptiness management;
- Intelligent checking: Because of functions of memory to recent record of opening the door and checking, it improves security; -Automatic anti-false: Being able to distinguish the IC copied or forged etc;
-Function of back locking: having the functions of passage locks and inner locking, and then make you safe and convenient; 

Biometric Systems 

In the modern concept of business, management of staff is crucial to the insurance of high levels of efficiency and professionalism. Further, the expanding businesses and office space makes it necessary to keep centralized and impartial control over employee attendance. In this regard, Qatar Advanced Technology offers a convenient and reliable attendance management solution which identifies employees by their unique fingerprint. Such cost saving and high security method is sure to improve employee punctuality and discipline which indirectly increases overall productivity. 

Suitable for all industries, the fingerprint system installed and maintained by Qatar Advanced Technology is affordable without hidden costs, is of great value to management and has proven to be a high return on investment. 

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