Korenix Technology Co. Ltd.

Korenix devotes great effort to Wireless Technology, Industrial Hardware, and Network Software in order to build a SMART City which is safer and more convenient for you to live in and is more friendly to the environment with high energy efficiency. With the growing importance of security- protect yourself and your data, Korenix has launched Mobile Router/Gateway Series for wireless surveillance and Rackmount Managed Switch Series used in cloud data center for secure network connection. Korenix focuses on your requests from various industries and provides customer-oriented products to fit your needs.

-Korenix Layer3/ Layer2 Rack-mount Switches for Core Network
-Cyber Security, Cyber Redundancy, Industrial Certificate
-Korenix Wireless Solutions for M2M Security Monitoring
WIFI/ 3G/ LTE Gateway, WLAN Controller, Mobile Manager
-Korenix (PoE) Ethernet Switches for IP Surveillance
-M12 connector, High port density, High voltage


Korenix Technology Co. Ltd.
T: +886-2-8911-1000

14F., No. 213, Sec. 3, Beixin Rd.
New Taipei City, Xindian District

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