Klaxon EN54-23 Visual Alarm Devices (VAD) CPD Seminars

7 May 2015

EN54-23 was introduced as a harmonised product standard on December 31st 2013.  The primary purpose of EN54-23 is to standardise the light output of all beacons and to generate an effective evacuation signal to evacuate everyone.  The use of VAD’s (visual alarm devices) should also be considered when it is not possible to achieve 5dB above the ambient noise level, or when the ambient noise level exceeds 85dB i.e. HVAC plant rooms, and machine rooms.

Klaxon currently run a certified EN54-23 CPD seminar for Consultants, Integrators and End Users, commenting  on the latest batch of seminars Mike Sutton GIFireE, Business Development Manager for the southern region said “I really enjoy presenting the seminars, as a Graduate Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers I get a good level of satisfaction having presented the seminar and coming away from a customer’s premises knowing that I have been able to pass on my knowledge on this subject to others in a well presented easy to understand format.”

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