KITCHENShield now protects Texaco’s gas-station restaurants throughout the Netherlands

25 Apr 2016

Lehavot’s KITCHENShield deployed in Texaco gas station restaurants throughout Holland

Industrial kitchens are well-known fire-hazard zones. Texaco has deployed Lehavot’s KITCHENShield, the world’s best kitchen fire protection system, in its gas station restaurants throughout Holland. They have made this investment in order to ensure that employees, customers and assets are safeguarded from fires that may break out in the cooking areas.

KITCHENShield is Lehavot’s state-of-the-art fire suppression solution for industrial kitchens, with a proven track record of minimizing damage and injury in these fire-prone working environments. Proprietary fire detectors are installed in the fume hood above the cooking appliances. When a temperature above a pre-determined threshold is detected, KITCHENShield immediately triggers the extinguishing agents and interrupts the energy supply. The extinguishing agents are environment and stainless-steel friendly. KITCHENShield’s modular design facilitates easy on-site adaptation to meet each kitchen’s unique and diverse requirements.

Travellers who stop to refresh themselves at Texaco’s gas station restaurants in the Netherlands– as well as the employees who work in these facilities every day – can now be confident that any kitchen fire that may break out will be quickly and effectively contained. For both Lehavot and Texaco, it is always “safety first”.

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