Key control achieved at Woodhill Primary School

26 Jul 2013

Mul-T-Lock (UK) and Blackheath Locksmiths have upgraded the security system at Woodhill Primary School, by creating a bespoke master key solution to offer complete key control and ultimate peace of mind for all who attend.

Woolwich based Woodhill Primary School is in the top 12% of schools nationally for the progress pupils make in key stage two and is undergoing expansion plans to enable three forms of entry per year by 2017.

In terms of security, the school had relied on a mix of smaller master key systems, which resulted in wasted time alongside difficult supply chains to replace keys and locks.

Blackheath Locksmiths introduced the concept of an all-encompassing master key suite based on Mul-T-Lock’s Integrator system, which provides high quality protection and reduces the number of keys required.

Blackheath Locksmiths were able to supply and install locks and keys to secure the school, which can all be operated by one double entry master key. So successful, the school’s security managers are continuing to work with the local Mul-T-Lock dealer to ensure the complete school is operated on the same master key system, on completion of the expansion works.

Says James Ryan of Woodhill Primary School: “The security of Woodhill Primary School is integral to the every day workings of the facility. But previously, we had been operating an old security system with many variants of keys. When Blackheath Locksmiths recommended a solution with the capability of just one unique master key, it sounded ideal.

“Now, only certain members of personnel have access to the master key and we are able to control access as and when needed. Cont/d…

It also really helps with key control; by example, if teachers lose a key, they have to inform us so that can we request a copy from Blackheath Locksmiths who always respond quickly, as required. This all adds to increased efficiencies and more importantly peace of mind for the school today, and for years to come.”

Mul-T-Lock’s patented Integrator master key system has been specifically designed for environments like schools that require a comprehensive yet cost-effective locking solution, which can be installed to both the external and internal doors. It offers a high level of tamper resistance for a wide variety of locking applications.

The unique Mul-T-Lock Integrator key system installed is supported by a security protocol, which requires authorisation from the school to be presented to Blackheath Locksmiths before additional keys can be produced.

Richard Jackson of Blackheath Locksmiths added: “For Woodhill Primary School we created a master key system on the Integrator platform to provide high quality protection. It has also been designed to be flexible and accommodate new facilities as and when they are completed. With the additional assurance of patent protection, the security upgrade solves the significant key management issues James had faced previously, and, should an incident or key loss occur, he can rely on us to quickly rectify the situation.”

Steve Ross, Managing Director of Mul-T-Lock concluded: “What Blackheath Locksmiths has demonstrated is that by utilising the services of a professional locksmith, Woodhill Primary School had the advantage of an expert in the field, available to survey the premises and develop a bespoke Mul-T-Lock solution that takes into account the need to add on door entry points and continue to provide a high security solution for the entire school premises.”

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