KBC's New ThruLink Video

27 Apr 2016

KBC's new ‪‎ThruLink‬ video explains how to send secure video, voice & data over public networks including 4G/LTE.

KBC Networks has released a new animated video that shows how ThruLink sets up secure paths over public networks such as the internet and 3G/4G/LTE. With  AES, Blowfish and Camellia encryption up to 256bit, ThruLink is now used in fixed and mobile applications that range from counter-terror to banking.


ThruLink is an easy-to-use, hardware VPN. It supports point-to-point and mesh networks and chooses the fastest path through the network to optimize transmission. The units are self-managing with failover and auto-reconnection so that after a network outage, there's no need to go to site to re-set the link.

KBC Networks Limited
T: +44(0)1622 618787

Barham Court
ME18 5BZ
Maidstone, Kent
United Kingdom

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