Italy game rooms security provided by RISCO Group

13 Sep 2013

An Italian company which operates seven game rooms across Italy now secured by RISCO Group security solutions.

The Challenge

The game rooms contain expensive gaming machines in which large amounts of cash are stored. The game rooms had been targeted on multiple occasions by thieves who robbed and vandalized the sites. The thieves stole the cash from inside the machines, and in doing so, caused severe damage to the machines themselves. The gaming company wanted to protect their game rooms and warehouses from future robberies, and required a solution that would enable them to remotely control and monitor all of the sites from a single control room.

The Solution

RISCO Group's SynopSYS Integrated Security & Building Management platform with ProSYS™ Integrated Security System was chosen to secure the sites. ProSYS was installed in all sites, with a complete range of RISCO's professional motion

detectors installed on the ProSYS Bus. RISCO Bus offers unique remote control and diagnostics tools, and saves on cabling length.

RISCO Group’s Industrial LuNAR™ Ceiling Mount Detector was selected to secure the warehouses due to its mounting height of up to 8.6m. Industrial LuNAR utilizes Anti-Cloak™ Technology to detect intruder camouflage, and performs even

at high warehouse temperatures. Furthermore, the detector is difficult to mask or block unintentionally when shelves are rearranged or boxes are stacked up.

SynopSYS Integrated Security & Building Management platform gives the gaming company the real-time status of all game rooms and warehouses from one intuitive user interface. The user-friendly interface with simple definitions allows for fast and simple project setup and operation. All security equipment in the nine sites communicate with the dedicated server, located in a remote control room.


• ProSYS™ Integrated Security System with professional motion detectors secure the game rooms warehouses.

• Industrial LuNAR™ Ceiling Mount Detector secures the warehouses with its mounting height of up to 8.6m.

• All detectors are installed on the ProSYS Bus, saving the installer time and money.

• SynopSYS Integrated Security & Building Management enables real-time monitoring and control of all the sites located across Italy from one flexible user interface that is easy to manage and operate.

The Customer’s Point of View

The gaming company is pleased with RISCO’s total solution, and values the ability to control their sites across Italy from a single easy-to-use platform. They commented, We are notified us as soon as there is an alarm, enabling us to take immediate action.” The integrator values the convenient remote control enabled by RISCO Bus, through which he controls every aspect of the system from his office, minimizing on site travel.

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