ISN Technologies

About Us

ISN Technologies, established in 2008, it offers advanced technical surveillance, monitoring solutions, highly developed government training, Tetra communication System, as well as international consultancy to Intelligence Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies. Nowadays we are having an in-house developed Encrypted Mobile Communication System to support our regional needs; in addition ISN Technologies provides customers with city mesh Wi-Fi systems with all its related peripherals. ISN Technologies was founded to answer the market need for both advice and an end-to-end approach, thus freeing customers from the hassles of technical choices and implementation delays and allowing them to focus instead on their core business. ISN Technologies implemented the needed organization for winning customers' trust, designing and delivering adapted solutions and sustaining the business relationship by maintaining and operating (optionally) the delivered systems.

ISN Technologies
T: +961-1-999870

Beirut Central District, Maarad St.,
Plot 201, 4th Floor

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