Irisys Develops Portable Iris Recognition Module Grafting with USB

16 Apr 2015

IRISYS developed USB flash memory with iris recognition solution on April 2015. This is the world first iris recognition security USB flash memory which can be operated as totally stand alone device.

USB memory with iris recognition camera module and one-time password198 generator (OTP) has been revealed. Recently biometric security method has been receiving much spotlight, and therefore many financial industries and mobile manufacturers around the world are showing interest.

Biometric professional company Irisys has announced on the 15th that they will be releasing their iris recognition USB memory ‘Lockit’ and iris recognition OTP. It is company’s first commercialized product and will be displayed at oversea exhibitions and events.

Lockit connects to smartphone117 or PC via micro USB. It has a micro camera module and infrared LED with auto focus. It is the 5.0 mega pixel frontal camera that is commonly used on smartphone.

Iris must be registered on the first use and then afterwards USB can be used only after going through iris recognition. It takes about 0.2~0.8 second depending on the surrounding environment at a 5~25cm distance in order to recognize iris.

Iris recognition OTP has LCD screen on the back of the product for displaying the disposable password198. Once the iris is recognized, the one-time use password is displayed in form of time sync. The two security confirmation technologies, Iris recognition and OTP, creates a much more safety and locked security

The financial industry is planning a business for customers with portable iris recognition module concept promotion. Afterwards, connecting with mobile manufacturers applying the iris recognition feature to smartphone in the future is part of the goal as well.

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