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IPS Flow Systems have been involved with the fire protection industry for over 30 years and were instrumental in the introduction and development of CPVC fire products in the UK.

IPS Flow Systems will be exhibiting the Spears® FlameGuard® CPVC products, the RM press fit range and the Prevent Mist nozzles…

Spears® FlameGuard® CPVC offers all of the fire protection and reliability of a traditional piping system whilst offering a lower total installed cost along with quicker installation times, compared to traditional metallic systems.

The RM Pressfit range is an established and cost-effective way to install piping systems easily. With no threading, welding, or soldering to be done, the system provides tight, leak free joints using a simple, portable press tool.

Prevent Mist Nozzles were the first to obtain LPCB certification ...

IPS Flow Systems
T: 0191 521 3111

Seaham Grange Industrial Estate
Seaham, County Durham
United Kingdom

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