International Sports Competition in Brazil Catapulted to a Gold Standard of Identity Management with Quantum Secure

12 Oct 2016

New SAFE Sports and Event Access Manager verified badges of athletes, personnel, volunteers, vendors and contractors to reinforce high security during the games

While millions of viewers were watching races, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming and a wide range of sporting achievements, Quantum Secure, part of HID Global, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, worked behind the scenes in Rio, Brazil this past summer to protect sports venues by verifying the identity of athletes, staff members, guests and volunteers. The use of SAFE Software from Quantum Secure helped reduce the risk of intrusions at the sporting events, preventing potential threats through one of the world’s most advanced forms of managing identities at large events.

Quantum Secure’s SAFE software tracked approximately 500,000 people who had credentials to come and go from sporting venues across Rio. Identity had to be verified nearly three million times during the competitions, ensuring that each badge could be trusted and was not a counterfeit. Approximately a dozen issues with badges were identified, including an incident in which people tried to falsify badges in order to enter a basketball game. Using its analytics engine, SAFE software recognized the falsified records, and the response time was virtually instantaneous.

“Recent incidents around the world have shown that the highest profile activities, including sporting, political and entertainment events, require better protection and smarter managing of access to buildings,” said Ajay Jain, President and CEO, Quantum Secure. “The power of our new SAFE Sports and Events Access Manager moves us from reaction to prevention, with the ultimate goal of eliminating potential threats before they happen.”

SAFE Sports and Events Access Manager features a mobile app that quickly validates individuals by simply swiping their identity credentials on handheld peripherals. Once the credentials are read, security personnel can perform an on-site visual confirmation via a workstation and/or mobile device. The system can control entrance of all participants across different venues or different locations within the same venue.

“Quantum Secure specializes in identifying the weak link that could turn into an inside threat via a fake ID, and then neutralizing it without any disruption to the event,” added Jain. “With years of experience managing the lifecycle of identities, we consistently beat threats to the finish line.”

Like other solutions in the SAFE portfolio, SAFE Sports and Events Access Manager focuses on automating and simplifying physical identity and access management, and identifying and eliminating potential risk by amassing and analyzing actionable intelligence. Specific capabilities that enhance its use in high profile or high security applications include real-time credential validation; integration with multiple handheld peripherals; tracking of all access activity; and instantly provisioning and managing secure access to each identity per their access profile.

SAFE Sports and Events Access Manager offers an ideal solution for temporary or limited engagement events where security is a high priority.

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