InfoTeh Ltd

"INFOTEH" Ltd, presented under UNI-R® brand - Russian manufacturer of security systems. The company has been successfully working on the technical security market for more than 15 years. One of the main activities of the company "INFOTEH" is development and mass production of security equipment . New products, that the company will present at the IFSEC show in London will be: • Panoramic video surveillance system for IP ; • Analogue and digital mobile CCTV for passenger and freight transport ; • Analog signal transmission devices - 960H • Interference suppressors • Devices for IP video • Devices for transmitting HD-SDI signal We will demonstrate you mobile video systems for passenger transport, which are already installed on public transport in St. Petersburg, Russia ( PassagirAvtoTrans ) .

InfoTeh Ltd
T: +7 812 622 06 72

V.O., 24-ya liniya
15/2A. apt. 322
Russian Federation

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