Increasing security at ACC Liverpool

20 Jun 2016

ACC (Arena and Convention Centre) Liverpool is home to the BT Convention Centre, Echo Arena and most recently the Exhibition Centre Liverpool.

In early 2015, the company identified a critical need to increase the level of visitor security on site and approached Safetynet for a professional and effective solution. Having installed SkyVisitor at several reception sites, this powerful Visitor Management Software has allowed ACC to dramatically increase their internal security and more importantly provide their guests with a professional visitor experience.

Identifying the Risks
In early 2015 the company identified a critical need to increase the level of visitor security on site. Although their current security company covered much of their requirements (such as 24hr manned building security, access control and staff identification) the issue of visitor management and identification still remained. With over 280 visitors on site each week (some simply viewing the facilities, others attending conferences and events), there were several security issues highlighted:

Visitor access – How could the reception or security team identify which visitors were expected on site that day? This was a question always left unanswered. Many of the visitors could simply provide their name and a valid host to be authorised access with no check as to whether they were expected.

Visitor identification – Visitors could not be easily identified throughout the building. This meant that the security team could not verify whether a person was authorised to be on site.

Visitor management – The reception team were not able to verify at any point in the day how many visitors were in the building. Many had simply left without signing out due to not being issued with an official pass.

So what system did they have in place?

ACC Guest Relations Manager Emma Dunbar explains that “before working with Safetynet, we used to hand write our own version of visitor books and paper passes to issue to visitors. Not only did this pose a huge security risk, it also gave an unprofessional image to the visitors. It did not reflect the level of professionalism and service provided by our team.”

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